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Join the Donald J. Trump Revolution !!!!
As American Motorist And Retail Automotive Consumers, We Turn The Wheels-Of-Commerce In The USA.   We Buy, The Vehicle, We Finance The Vehicle, We Service The Vehicle, We Insure The Vehicle, And The List Goes On. 

We, As American Motorist Are The Back-Bone Of The American Economy. When They Don't Spend, The Economy Comes To A Halt Has It Has Done 

Now We Have An Opportunity To Elect A President That Will Make America Great Again!

The AMVA Announces The USA Fiscal Responsibility Fund

The American Motorist Vote Alliance  invites you to become involved in our USA Fiscal Responsibility Fund. The USA Fiscal Responsibility Fund will be for the purpose of deleting our government deficiet.

As we confront our nations debt crisis, we need to tell Washington that we all understand that we all have to sacrifice to find a solution and that we stand ready to do our part.

For over a decade now, the United States has grossly mismanaged its finances. The result, we have increased our borrowing for the debt's sake. To keep government in a functional condition the USA borrows around $3.8 billion per day. Now, after kicking-the-can down the road, we face the proverbial "Fiscal Cliff" which is a self-inflicted crisis that will result in immediate spending cuts and tax increases of an estimated $600 billion in 2013 alone. A blunt hard stroke that could send the USA back into recession.

  To solve the USA debt problems, we need deep entitlement spending cuts and a painful round of     additional revenue. The trick is for our Congress to implement this in an intelligent design and be careful not to plunge the country back into recession.

This is where the AMVA and The USA Fiscal Responsibility Fund comes into play. We will urge our President and Congress to confront our fiscal disaster and avoid the "fiscal cliff" and manage the debt ceiling. More importantly secure and put a long-term solution in place.

The three pillars of The USA Fiscal Responsibility Fund is to "Go Big" with real deficit reduction of at least $5 trillion over the next decade. "Go Long" with reforms to our entitlement programs that will keep them solvent for future beneficiaries without corrupting our budgets. "Go Smart" with targeted budget cuts and pro-growth reform for the tax code to raise revenues without raising marginal rates.

Lets restore national pride and confidence! The American Motorist Vote Alliance ask all motorist as well as all citizens to volunteer to help solve our financial problems. Join The USA Fiscal Responsibility Fund. Contact your Congress and Senate representatives and tell them that this fiscal problem transcends partisan politics and that you will support the hard choices they have to make. Tell them to be fiscally responsible. 

Our plan is for the American Motorist to purchase shares of The USA Fiscal Responsibility Fund. At the end of each quarter The Fund will hold a drawing where a percentage of the shares will be distributed to three campaign members. The shares will have a real cash value that can be cashed on demand. 

Participate in making our nation fiscally whole. Join today and good luck! 

The USA Fiscal Responsibility Fund!
We Ask You To Join The "America Motorist Vote Alliance" 
So That The Great American Motorist Of  This Nation Can Have  
 A Say On Who Sits In The Oval Office At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue In Washington, D.C .
Now Comes the membership of the American Motorist Vote Alliance to Stand-Up And Say No
More Disrespect And Total Disregard For The American Motorist. It Is Critical 
That We Get It Absolutely Right. Anything Less Will Spell Disaster. 
We Can't Afford To Be Fooled Again!
 Join The AMVA As It Takes A Stand On Principle For The American Motorist. 

The American Motorist Vote Alliance (AMVA) consults and lobby's for all American Motorist. The AMVC monitors all legislation pending before the House of Representatives and the Senate that affects, either directly or indirectly, every American Motorist as they travel through the USA economy. In addition the American Motorist Vote Alliance prepares and presents various forms of documentation submitted to Congress in order to make them better informed on relevant issues that affect the American Motorist at every turn.

The American Motorist Vote Alliance also communicates with individual members of Congress, that is, the members of the House and Senate from time to time in order to provide specific information and to answer whatever questions that might arise to assist them in the legislative process." 

Join And Support 

Your Donation Will Go Toward Empowering The American Motorist Like Never Before. Big Oil Works The Halls Of The Capitol, The Automotive Industry Lobby's Every Branch Of Government. Make Your Check or Money Order: 
American Motorist Vote Campaign, P.O. Box 10883, Knoxville, TN 37919

Should The American Motorist And Consumer Be Left To Fend For Themselves? The Answer Is "NO" And Now Is The Time For Our Roaring Engines To Be Heard! 
Call Now, 1-855-227-2662 Or Email: info@americanmotoristvote.com

Start Your Engine!   We Can Make It Happen!

Call AMVA Every Week Day Morning With Your Input @ 9:00 A.M. (EST) USA 

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"Driving the Vote For Donald J. Trump in 2016!"
It's Time For The Millions Upon Millions Of American Motorist To
Stand Up And Lead! Let's Elect A President Who Can Make America Great Again!